Save the planet from plastic waste and make a profit

An innovative Product-as-a-Service solution to turn plastic into fuel
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to fuel

Convert your plastic waste into a useful fuel resource with our PaaS solution.

Min. 58%
conversion rate

In less than 12 months, we can squeeze over 720 liters of fuel out of every ton of plastic waste.

Up to 19%
annual profit

Start a new income stream without additional costs to your business. We’ll show you how.


Ever wanted to go upstream? Now is your chance! Become your own fuel producer at a fraction of the cost with our innovative PaaS solution.


Make 15 cents/liter or more. We’ll guide you through every step.

Hot, growing

Early bird gets the worm! Be the first eco-fuel producer in your area and corner the market!

Fully guided

We take all the guesswork out of starting your own sustainable, eco-friendly business.


Make money being a progressive environmentally aware entrepreneur, it's easy with our PaaS plastic to fuel technology!

with purpose

Join our fast-growing international family of socially responsible individuals who have a clear set of goal for their business — and their life!

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Plastic waste is a new energy resource

Plastic Adios is a leading provider of high-tech, innovative waste-to-fuel solutions with its first-in-the-industry PaaS offering to convert plastic waste into eco-fuel. We help unlock hidden value and bring new, profitable opportunities to the plastic waste market. Becoming a partner with Plastic Adios in this rapidly developing business requires minimal effort, and we guarantee our support every step of the way.

Join us! Stop burying unrecycled plastic waste. Turn it into money instead.

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What is PaaS?

PaaS stands for Product-as-a-Service. It allows customers to purchase a desired result rather than the machinery required to achieve that result. In the case of Plastic Adios, you pay a fee for each liter of fuel produced rather than the equipment to produce it. The net effect is a substantially lower capital investment than would have been required under a traditional business model.

Our technology

We have focused on pyrolysis as the most commercially viable method to clean up the environment. Pyrolysis is a non-toxic chemical process for converting plastic into synthetic gas, which is then condensed into fuel. We have been able to achieve consistently high, verifiable results in a far more most cost-effective way when compared to other solutions.

“Uberizing” plastic waste disposal

By combining our SGS-verified pyrolysis technology with the PaaS business model, we have achieved a fantastic breakthrough — cleaning up plastic waste is no longer an expensive chore, but a money-making possibility for everyone. Want to do your part to help save the world, but don’t know where to start? Now you can. We will help you every step of the way, from business planning to operating your very own Plastic Adios waste-to-fuel production plant, and from locating plastic waste sources to selling the fuel to consumers.

Win for all!

With Plastic Adios, everybody wins. As a waste-to-fuel plant operator, you win by making money while cleaning up the world. Your community wins by gaining access to a cheaper fuel alternative. The environment wins by becoming a cleaner, safer place to live. Future generations win by enjoying life in a cleaner world.

Recycle plastic nobody wants

Plastic Adios works with just about any type of plastic, consistently generating cheap eco-fuel without emissions, toxic residue or harmful micro-plastics. Waste burial is no longer the end of life for plastic. We convert it back into a useful form of energy.

Our technological process has been independently verified and confirmed by SGS — the world standard in technological audit and certification — as having a minimum yield of 58%. The resulting eco-fuel has all the characteristics of heating oil (see detailed SGS report) and can be further refined into other fuels as needed.

Approximate timeline

190 days


We conduct a case study for your unique situation and come up with a business plan adapted to your location.

2approx. 0-18 months, depending on location


You submit all the relevant paperwork to the local authorities to obtain the necessary permits and licenses to build and operate a waste-to-fuel processing facility.

3approx 150 days


While you build the required production facility, we supply, install and test all the industrial pyrolysis machinery and train personnel.

*Duration depends on local authorities. Please, contact us in advance to get our help with making a road map based on your setting.

Plastic Adios offers full support at every step

Before launch

Plastic Adios is committed to cleaning the world, but we can’t do it alone. We need your help! This is why we will hold your hand and guide you through every step of the initial project setup process. We provide:

Project design
Business plan and financial projections
Personnel requirements
Setup and ancillary machinery requirements
General technical and construction supervision
Shipping, installation and testing of equipment

Your responsibility

With so much provided by Plastic Adios, you’re probably left wondering: what’s the catch? To rapidly spread our waste-cleaning efforts throughout the world, we need future waste-to-fuel project operators such as yourself to actively contribute. It will not be easy, but the results will be more than worth it. Below is a list of your responsibilities:

Project adaptation to local regulations
All required licenses and permits
Environmental authorization if required
Purchase or lease of suitable land plot
Construction/rental of plant and infrastructure
Purchase and setup of ancillary equipment
Contracts for supply of plastic waste
Contracts for fuel offtake

Board of Directors

Alberto Gil de la Guardia


Francisco Cendrero Garcia


Jesus Gandia Nevado

Technical director

Sonia Alonso Pardo

Vice-president of communication

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